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One of them wants to sing in a musical called "My Life in Bags."

One of them wanted to be a basketball player, but could not dunk.

Together, Marlene & Devin bring us to exciting places in exceptional style.

How does a successful blogging couple start their day?
Marlene: Avocado toast and a poached egg
Devin: Breakfast burrito bowl and coffee
The two of you travel a lot for your Outlined Cloth blog. Where do you call home?
Devin: We currently live in Laguna Beach, California but our zip code is really our license plate since we drive everywhere.
Describe your Style and tell us who your first style icon was?
Marlene: My style is 99% comfort with a splash of sass. I grew up loving costumes and dresses from movies and musicals. I would lay out my outfits every night before bed and loved to dress up.
Devin: I would classify my style as functional and fashionable. Denim, boots and flannels. Basically, anything I can wear in the office, at a meeting, or out adventuring. Athletes were the first people I was inspired by. The Lakers uniform and Magic Johnson grabbed my attention when I was a young kid growing up in Colorado. I also loved the style of JFK Jr.
If you were a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?
Devin: Blue because my head is in the clouds and I see blue skies.
Marlene: Chili Pepper Red - need I say more?
Think back to when you were young. Do either of you remember what you wanted to be when you "grew up?”
Devin: I wanted to play in the NBA, but was a bit too short. I couldn't dunk.
Marlene: I always wanted to be an actor but my dad wanted me to be a fashion designer. I guess he had a vision!
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Blogging as a couple - how do you decide who gets to post the best picture on who's account?
Marlene: Outlined is our baby. So, I would say that takes precedence. But most of the time we shoot variations of the same photo so we have a lot of options.
Devin: I don’t mind posting the same one since we have different audiences.
Is there a particular Outlined Cloth post that sticks out in your memory?
Devin: A favorite post is hard because we have traveled to some amazing places and taken some really cool photos. But if we had to pick just one, I would say holding hands facing Half Dome in Yosemite Valley. We were racing against the sunset as we made our way to the valley hoping to take a photo before it got too dark. It was my first time in Yosemite and I fell in love with it.
How much time a week you spend in the pursuit of your amazing imagery?
Devin: Finding time can be tough having a full-time job, but we probably spend about 20 hours a week blogging. Most of the time consists of taking, editing and posting photos.
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If a movie were made about your work, what would the title be?
Marlene: My Life in Bags: The Musical. Because we are never in one place and I would sing about it.
Devin: This is true. I'll leave the singing up to her
When you aren't creating these great visuals, how do you fill your free time?
Devin: When not blogging, I produce reality TV, working on shows like Bar Rescue on Spike and a digital web series Kings of Fish about the San Pedro Fish Market. If there is leftover time, I love playing basketball and going to sporting events.
Marlene: I love to perform. Singing, dancing, acting any chance I get. In our free time, we discover new restaurants together. Devin usually tries to sneak a photo in of the food before I bite his hand 🙂
Stay true to who you are. Find what you are passionate about and focus on that. Remember to have fun with it! People want to hear your story and how it can relate to them.
In your opinions, what is the hardest part about being a fashion blogger?
Devin: The hardest part is being consistent. The second would be staying creative with shots. I am not a huge fan of just posting my outfit of the day. I like showing fun, cool places that tell a story.
Marlene: I would say, finding the balance between work and just slowing down to enjoy the moment.
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What is the biggest difference in your lives post-blogging?
Devin: The biggest difference in our lives is with the relationships we have developed. From shop owners, to brands, to fellow bloggers, we have become friends with a handful of these amazing people and we didn’t expect that when we started.
What is the strangest location you ever used for blog photos?
Devin: The parking lot of Trader Joe’s on Halloween as the sun was going down and we were losing light. I had to set up the camera in the car and shine the headlights on us.
Marlene: I insisted on a pumpkin—hence Trader Joe's—and we couldn't find one to save our lives. I finally got a fake pumpkin at Pier One Imports and ended up sitting on a bed of thorns for this photo. Tensions were running a high, but the end result came out quite nice. Well worth it.
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If you were stranded alone on an island and could only bring three things, what would those three things be?
Marlene: A camera, a toothbrush, and a guitar (I'm sure I'd have plenty of time to learn how to play).
Devin: A pair of boots, a camera, and sunglasses.
Marlene: I'm just imagining Devin with only a pair of boots, camera, and sunglasses! The essentials.
If you could design something to wear, that you feel you can never find while shopping, what would it be?
Marlene: Ooooo this is a good one. I am in wedding mode right now, so I would have to say comfortable, affordable, beautiful T-strap heels for my dress. Something that I could wear again, and again.
Devin: I would design a vintage 70’s style corduroy jacket with a modern fit.
Stay true to who you are. Find what you are passionate about and focus on that. Remember to have fun with it! People want to hear your story and how it can relate to them.