"Don't follow what other people do.
Be you."


Hello, Erin. Thanks for being a part of our Streddo Spotlight. Let's get right into it!
Where are you (aka Stylebythepeople) located?
Los Angeles
How long have you been working on, and what was it that got you motivated to start?
Officially, one year. My background is in fashion styling. I took a short break and ventured into Marketing for a Market Research company, and in that time missed doing what I loved. So, I combined my passion for styling and marketing, and turned it into a blog.
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How would you describe your Style and do you remember who your first style icon was?
I would say my style is classic with an edge, and I have been described as very "California" (whatever that means). My first style icons were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
What did you want to be when you "grew up?"
A fashion designer / store owner. If that failed, a therapist.
How much time a week do you spend blogging, and what do you enjoy doing in your down time when you aren't creating such incredible content for your followers?
It's probably easier to tell you how much time a week I don't spend blogging... But, when I do have time off, I love going to new restaurants, working out, pretending I'm an interior designer, and traveling.
In your opinions, what is the hardest part about being a fashion blogger?
Not comparing yourself to others, and making sure to stay inspired and focus on yourself so you can continue to produce content people want to read.
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If you took the role of "designer" and wanted to create that one thing you feel you can never find when you're out shopping, what would that one thing be?
The perfect t-shirt.
What music do you listen to? Or, more personally, what type of music inspires you?
EVERYTHING! I love music, so it depends on my mood that day. The Rolling Stones are my absolute favorite band of all time, but I can also get into hip-hop. I'm a big Biggie and Drake fan, too.
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If you could have ANY super power, which one would you choose?
To be able to (selectively) see the future.
What is your latest TV addiction?
This is Us
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"I’ve always had a strong sense of style that reflects my personality and my mood, but it doesn't necessarily fit in with what is trendy. As I began traveling the world, exploring different cultures, and gaining life experience in general, fashion evolved from a personal interest to a calling."
Photo by Vero Suh